Hemp Hotel Amsterdam

Hemp Hotel Amsterdam, centrally located near the famous Albert Cuyp market, is the ideal base for hemp-addicted tourists visiting Amsterdam.


Most people have already heard about the Red Light District and the famous beers like Amstel and Heineken which are originally from the Netherlands.

Another popular attraction however, is the cannabis retail, taking place in so called ‘coffee shops’. When in Amsterdam, one can legally smoke a joint, as weed is fully decriminalized.

For €75 a night you’ll get a double room with private shower including breakfast. You can also choose for a room with shared shower, like in a hostel. Hemp Hotel Amsterdam has its own bar and restaurant.

When arriving in Hemp Hotel Amsterdam, you’ll see hemp everywhere around you. The reception, also known as the Hemple Temple Nightbar, sells hemp beer, hemp snacks and a variety of other hemp products.

In your room you’ll find hemp soap and hemp shampoo. Your breakfast will exist of hemp muffins and hemp rolls. This is going to be a holiday you’ll never forget.

If you want to stay in Hemp Hotel Amsterdam, it’s important to book as early as possible. Because of its low prices, the hotel is sold out at almost any time. In the future, Hemp Hotel Amsterdam is going to extend, so that it’s possible to satisfy all current guests and welcome even more of them.

Most guests recommend the Hemp Hotel because of the great staff. The Hemp Hotel can potentially be a place like heaven for structural hemp users.

Photo credit: john.nathaniel / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND
  • bambiglanville

    Can you make an online reservation?

  • sonja

    Hallo könnt ihr mir mal bitte Bilder von den zimmer schicken /Doppelzimmer ? Oder mir sagen wo ich die finden kann ? Mein Mann und ich wollen gerne von 2.1-3.1 eine Nacht verbringen und wo kann Ich es buchen ? Bitte um eine antwort
    LG sonja

  • 0poi9

    hat jemand eine nummr vom hotel???

  • Jess

    I believe this place is closed. Please can you let me know if I’m incorrect in thinking this.

    • ItsSecret

      I think you are correct.

  • lee

    hi how do I book

  • Graham prentice

    How do i book a reaervation

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