The Cannabis Castle

The Cannabis CastleRead the entire story about the Cannabis Castle, Amsterdam’s nearly perfect weed plantage ran last century by the self proclaimed king of cannabis.

Once upon a time in Amsterdam

In the year 1986, the so called king of cannabis was a junk living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but originally from Australia. He was convinced of the fact that he grew nearly perfect strains of cannabis. He only never sold them. Instead he gave or threw them away. In the year 1986, he decided to start selling his cannabis and make something out of his life.

Policy of tolerance in The Netherlands

Cannabis was illegal almost everywhere, just like it is still nowadays. The Netherlands however, had a policy of tolerance, which meant that growing weed was almost legal. It was known that many people from Amsterdam were growing and selling it. They still do while you’re reading this article, as Amsterdam kept being one of the most tolerant cities regarding cannabis.

In the basement of the Cannabis Castle

Thanks to the fact that selling seeds was entirely legal, the ‘king’ was able to start growing weed in his ‘castle’, the enormous house where he was living. In the basement, several rooms are furnished as grow rooms. That Amsterdam had one of the best weed plantages in the world was a poorly kept secret. In a matter of time the king got his first mail. In the enveloppe wasn’t only a letter, but also a bunch of real American dollars. A few days later, the king sent out his first order.

The cannabis king became rich

Many orders were following. The cannabis made our king rich. Not only because his strain was so in demand, but also because indoor marijuana plantations were getting increasingly popular in the United States. Every day, piles of letters reached the postbox in front of the Cannabis Castle. They were all accompanied by bunches of American Dollars. Wrapped in carbon paper, to make sure they wouldn’t be detected. In return, a lot of cannabis seeds were being sent to the United States.

Success deserves a museum

The cannabis king was now a successful businessman. His company was making a turnover of over $500,000 within just a year. At the end the Cannabis Castle, located roughly 40 miles from Amsterdam, became a museum. Here people were able to smoke weed and make photos of all the different strains the cannabis king was growing. A yearly cannabis cup was being organized, for which the jury chose the best cannabis selling coffeeshop in Amsterdam’s city centre.

The king is dead, long live the king

Unfortunately, the Cannabis Castle is empty now. All 2,000 plants have been destroyed. Even the building, which originated from the 18th century, isn’t there anymore. What remained is the video shown here. This video shows what the museum looked like when it was still there.

The Cannabis Castle of the 21st century

Nowadays we have the internet, where many big companies are selling their marijuana. It’s still hard to find one having high quality strains available. As far as I know, there’s only one company similar to the Cannabis Castle from times gone by. This shop is selling the best strains at reasonable prices. The seeds are shipped to countries all over the world. And you don’t have to sent letters accompanied by dollars anymore, as you can easily pay them by creditcard.


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